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Mail Dispatcher version 0.3 released.

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Mail Dispatcher version 0.2 released.

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Initial release.

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Mail Dispatcher is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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08/21/2008 - Mail Dispatcher version 0.3 released.

New release of Mail Dispatcher introduces major changes in internationalization and usability of the product.

Parsing mail messages was added and now they are shown in required encoding. Also a user can select preferred encoding for messages preview.

Selecting dates ranges was added and now a user can select required date interval for downloaded messages. Mail Dispatcher uses special algoritm for selecting messages based on binary searching.


  • Added binary searching of messages in date interval.
  • Add getting date of messages.
  • Translated all strings to Russian.
  • Added ability to read charset from email message.
  • Add using encoding model for opening msgs.
  • Add support for custom encoding.
  • Add checking for fuzzy strings.
  • Fixed most pylint warnings.
  • Change get "Application Data" dir using ctypes.
  • Fixed working with empty timestamp.
  • Fix bugs with unicode path to glade file.
  • Add processing headers as encoded strings.
  • Fix range to cell renderer.
  • Changed all platform dependent imports to '__import__'.
  • Fixed date toggle buttons handlers.

11/23/2007 - Mail Dispatcher version 0.2 released.

New release of Mail Dispatcher introduces many major changes basically aimed to increase usability of the product.

Installation packages for all major platforms were created: for RPM and DEB-based Linux OS and for Windows OS.

Internationalization support was added. Now Mail Dispatcher supports English and Russian locales. All messages and GUI elements were translated to Russian.


  • Fix to use distutils.
  • Create windows package distribution.
  • Add NSIS script.
  • Fix setup.cfg error in WinOS.
  • Add script for creating packages.
  • Add py2exe support.
  • Add desktop file.
  • Fix to build rpm.
  • Reorganize files.
  • Fix translation.
  • Fix app texts.
  • Fix win32 gettext issue.
  • Fix all russian texts.
  • Fix localization issue with filters.
  • Fix all required string to be localizabled.
  • Fix multithreading issues for Windows.
  • Add idle function decorator.
  • Fix substring search.
  • Fix error in deleting messages.

11/01/2007 - Initial release.

The project was created on SF.NET and 0.1 version of software was uploaded (in source tarball).